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About Rusnad Home Renovation Inc.Rusand Home Renovation Inc. was formed in Toronto in 1991 when Jurek Piecuch arrived in Canada from Poland. With a master's degree in civil engineering, his qualifications and experience led him naturally to the home building and renovation business.
His friends Ruslana and Andy were his first customers and they supported him as he was starting his business. It was in their honor that he named his company Rusand.
From the beginning of the company, all of Jurek's business has come from referrals from other satisfied customers. He knows the period during renovations can by very unsettling to his clients, so his first priority is to provide the highest quality service while making the transformation of their homes go as smoothly as possible from start to finish.
At Rusand it is the policy to maintain only a select number of ongoing projects. This enables Jurek to keep track of all the details of each project and give each one his attention. His crew has been with him since the beginning and they know his standards of excellence. His ongoing relationships with subcontactors and suppliers help him to meet deadlines and maintain continuity of service.
Most of the building projects completed by Rusand Home Renovation Inc have been in Toronto's West End: the type of home in that neighbourhood lends itself very well to Rusand 's expertise with restoration. But whether the project is to authentically restore an older home or to build a completely new home, Jurek works in partnership with his customers to satisfy their individual tastes and preferences. Understanding how important it is for the homeowners to have confidence in their contractor, he suggests that they independently visit the home of a previous customer to ask questions and see his work before making any decisions.
If you would like more information about Rusand Home Renovations and how they could help you with a bathroom renovation, please call us at Tel: 416-231-1391 or email us at 
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